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Hastily written letters from No 6 Gen Hosp in Rouen


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The most marvellous letters have dropped into my lap from K A Allsop, Asst Matron and I must share. Her compassion shines through and perhaps her weariness too. Have a read and see what you think



Ltr from No 6 Gen H 1.jpeg

Ltr from No 6 Gen H 2.jpg

Ltr from No 6 Gen H 3.jpg

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Thank you for posting this-although such letters must have been (alas) a commonplace, they never cease to move me as a reader. Presumably the man was:




   He left a wife and child.

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Thanks for sharing these rather moving letters - it's easy to lose sight of the real human cost, sometimes, isn't it - but they're quite an antidote. I hope they eased a little of the pain.

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Interestingly, there is a current thread on the Forum about a man who died of wounds, Walter Woof: a letter from a nurse is mentioned in newspaper reports of his death. When you think how busy nursing staff must have been, such compassion is genuinely impressive.

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Indeed, a caring and compassionate woman. Can I suggest a name of Katharine Amelia Allsop, Sister. Number 6 General was based, I think, at Rouen throughout the war. MIC courtesy of NA:-




Born 3rd Dec 1873, Houghton Hants. Died 17th May 1960. Trained St Thomas's 1900-03. Still on the Nursing Register in  1946. 


Also awarded the Royal Red Cross 'for exceptional services in military nursing'




Hope this is not entirely wrong, but even if it is, its a record of a compassionate soul.


Kind Regards



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