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George V's Royal Daimler Limousines, Tidworth 1915


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I've just acquired this postcard

s-l1600.jpgwith the annotation "10th Btn Royal Fusiliers June 25th 1915, H.M. King George V ,  At Silk Hill, Tidworth, Salisbury Plain. Reviewing The 37th Division"


The  car on the left is obviously one of the Royal Daimlers, about which there's quite a bit on the Web. I'm not so sure about the one on the right, which presumably conveyed very senior officers. Any thoughts, please, from our motoring experts?


Probably I would have missed out on this card but for my noticing this thread and rooting around for other cards by Fred Wright.


The King had arrived at Ludgershall on June 23  on the Royal Train for a three-day visit to Salisbury Plain, during which he slept in his train at Ludgershall station (though one would have thought he would have been more comfortable and secure at Tidworth House). After the last of his inspections on June 25 he left for Ludgershall Station escorted by ten planes "in battle formation". R D Mountfort of the 10th Royal Fusiliers reported that  after the inspection of his unit: "the King had told our Colonel personally that he thought that they are a fine lot of men and so forth & that he would remember this Battalion individually as one of the best he had inspected. No doubt he told the other dozen or more the same thing." (IWM:  10404 CON shelf)


(Mountfort was correct; I've read the same comments made to various units.)



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