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Any source about the KEK or Fokkerstaffel in AOK.4?


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Hi mates and Happy New Year!


Anyone have some info about the history of the Einedecker activity and organizations above Flanders in 1915/1916?


From my scarcely detailed sources there is a KEK formed at the A.O.K. 4 but nothing else....and also my web research didn't go further....


Any help 'll be really appreciated!


Thanks in advance for your help!

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There's a book "KEKs and Fokkerstaffels. The early German fighter units in 1915-1916" by Johan Ryheul.


(unfortunately his information about the death of Belohlavik is incorrect)

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Hi AOK4!


Thanks for your reply!


I'm aware of this book and I have also appreciated a brief extract of the great amount of info in it....anyway nothing about AOK KEK in what I could read....

I have evaluated the option to purchase it but I decide to don't do that because my portion of interest about AOK4 is little in comparison to the whole book....and I have too much books bought only for few pages and too few money available atm....



If possible the info I need more about are simple:


- Establishment date

- Parent/forming FFA

- Aerodromes used from 1915 to spring 1916

- Brief activity

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So you just want the information from the book for free? Have you thought about the author who has spent a lot of time, effort and money to gather the information? It would cost a multitude of the amount that the book costs if you want to gather the information by yourself in archives and libraries...

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Sorry but I have to absolutely disagree with your message....


First I don't want any information from the book in fact I don't ask to bring them from there....


Second I have read a free extract of the book available to public and I have wrote a positive judgement about the quality of what is wrote in it....


Least but not last....moreover I'm pretty aware of the work behind every book by their authors....in fact if you read my words you can discover that I'm plenty of book bought even for few pages of interest....


But what really I can't believe in all what you write is that it can also be applied to any question posted by everyone everywhere....this is the book that have what you require....bought it....so dear mate by my pov your post is too reductive and too unpolite....and sincerely is the first time in over 20 years of forums that happen to me to read this kind of reply....


No problem....I'll get them elsewhere....thanks for your contribute!



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