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Rudge motorcycle identification

Colin M

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On 25th November I posted "Gunner 68716 Alfred Prior Anthony, 46th Battery, 39th Bde, 1st Div, RFA" in the "Soldiers And Their Units" section of the forum. It included a photo of my great uncle posed on a motorcycle (see again below) that was almost certainly not owned by him. I promised those members who showed an interest and provided me with further information that I would re-post in this section when I had found out more about the motorcycle. (Sorry, can't get the photo to rotate!)


The Rudge Association and Rudge Enthusiasts Club have been very helpful and I now know that it is a1912 Rudge Multi 500 c.c. Roadster, registered in Cambridgeshire. Based on the model date and my great uncle's death, the photo was taken between 1912 and February 1916. They were unable to help with tracing the history/owners of this particular motorcycle, but once the licencing authority archives are properly operational again I will attempt to trace the reg. no. As a long shot, maybe in the meantime someone might recognise it?!! Thanks, Colin M.




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