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Submarine Sunk in Sea of Marmara 9 Aug 1915


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I notice Admiral Usedom wrote an account of a German seaplane sinking a submarine by a bomb dropped from a aircraft 9 Aug 1915.


I notice no other accounts claim this but the German aircrew were shown as possibly;


Jansen    (Maj) Marine    Pilot Airforce 9-15 att German Seaplane Squadron (Wasserfliegerabteilung) 8-15    1915-    shown Gotha WD1 (236) with Thiele (O) attacked a submarine in the Sea of Marmara 9-8-15


Thiele possibly August    LtzS - ObLtzS Marine    Observer Airforce German Seaplane Squadron (Wasserfliegerabteilung) 5-15    1915-    shown Gotha WD1 (236) with Jansen (P) attacked a submarine in the Sea of Marmara 9-8-15 


Of cause how an under powered Gotha WD1 had a bomb heavy enough to badly damage or sink a Sub is unknown?


Do we know what Subs were in the Dardenelles around this time to be attacked?


And can anyone confirm these two men?




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E11 and E14 were both active at this time but up to now I've been unable to find anything about an attack from the air. 


(An interesting coincidence here, as a few days later Flight Commander Edmonds in Seaplane No.842 made the first ever attack by an aeroplane using a 14-inch Mark X Torpedo)

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See Naval Operations, Vol.III, page 114

E11 was bombed by an aeroplane on August 9th off San Stefano

No harm done and as ammunition was nearly spent the sub returned to the westward


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Thank you for checking.




Mate the quote comes from Wolf's book page 188 from a note on the German Seaplane unit he had under his command during the Dardenelles fighting.




Cheers mate funny this same page deals with the Germans trying to build an aircraft that could carry a Torpedo, my question about LtzS Rasch who came to check the naval organisational and infrastructure possibly deals with this?


Do you have any reference to LtzS Rasch (since a lot of wolfs books translation may have misspelled his name) about this?


since no Rasch are found then could it be ;


Albert Rausch a Staffel fuhrer with Marine Schutzstaffel 1

Gustav Raschke from Marine LandFliegerAbt 1Cheers



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