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Identifying an aircaft


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In the "Other" section in the "Artists Sketch Book" thread, there is a sketch of a crashed aircraft which has identification letters on the tail and fuselage. The sketch appears to have been drawn at Boonhoek. Assuming the letters are correct, can any body identify the machine, and what year it was brought down? This may be an aid to identifying the artist. Any help would be appreciated.

Terry Reeves

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The aircraft in the sketch has the serial number E33, which was an RE 8 built under licence by The Siddeley-Deasy Motor Co Ltd, of Coventry, in batch E1-E300. The crashed machine looks a bit like an RE 8, so the serial may well be correct. The aeroplane has the individual identification letter W, but there's no squadron marking - these were withdrawn from two-seater units in March 1918.

E33 was used by No 7 Sqn RAF, and was shot down after combat with enemy aircraft near Ledeghem on 14 October 1918. Capt Sherard William Cowper-Coles (formerly Army Service Corps) and 2Lt R W Davidson were both killed in action. A victory was credited to Oblt Harald Auffarth of Jasta 29; it was the 26th of his eventual 29 victories.

The crew of E33 are buried in Mendinghem Military Cemetery.

I hope that this helps.


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