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Royal Naval Division Prisoner of War


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A great uncle, Tom Oxley joined the Hawke Battalion of the RND in Sept 1914 and was taken prisoner later in that year. I have his National Archive index record but the lines that refer to the action in which he was taken prisoner are unclear. 


What I can make out is:

"5.12.14. Officially reported Prisoner of War at ???, Germany, after operations around Antwerp. ?????"


I am wondering if anyone can shed light on the question marks - i.e. where in Germany he might have been held and what came after the reference to operations around Antwerp? Any other supporting info about the action or suggestions on where to research it would also be appreciated.


For information: Tom's service number was KW/669. DoB: 16 Jul 1889


Many thanks for any help.


Regards, David



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"... POW at Doeberitz Camp, Germany" (where nearly all the RND prisoners from Antwerp were held). "NOK informed 21 .12.14." - on the same day that the list of RND POWs at Doeberitz was published in 'The Times'

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He has a card with the International Red Cross on its excellent site on prisoners of the First World War-This leads to the original German listing of POWs supplied to the Red Cross- and gives his actual date of capture as 9th October 1914-  RND is well covered, so what went on that day should be fairly easy to elucidate




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24 minutes ago, horatio2 said:

He would have been taken prisoner on 9.10.14.

On a closer read - it may be "MOP advised..."

The correct wording is "N.O.K. advised 22/12/14" (confirmed by comparison with records of other Hawke Bn POWs.


For the Defence of Antwerp see Chapter II of the Divisional History "The Royal Naval Division" by Douglas Jerrold; also Chapter 1 of the same author's "The Hawke Battalion"

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