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Gallipoli evacuation of the 10th Battalion


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I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good sources of information or can tell me more about the evacuation of the 10th Battalion from Gallipoli.  Unfortunately the war diary for the Battalion has a gap during this period. 

From my reading it appears that they took up reserve positions on the beach (16th of November) and then were evacuated in late November (unsure of exact date) on the 'Princess Ena'.  They then arrived at Mudros on the 23rd of November.  It looks as though they then left Lemnos on the 20th of December for Egypt. 

However I've also read conflicting information stating that they stayed at Lemnos for Christmas and departed on Boxing day.  Online sources can be a bit sketchy so I'm not sure where to find good solid information regarding this.  Can anyone help?




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From the 10th Bn Unit History (“Silent Voices” by Robert Kearney, 2005):

Page 154:

“At 7.45 pm on 21 November, the 10th Battalion, less the support details, made their way down to Anzac Cove and at 3.15 am, under the cover of darkness, boarded the Princess Ena.  At 6 am the 10th Battalion steamed out of Anzac Cove forever.”  …….

“The weary 10th Battalion arrived at Mudros, Lemnos at midday, and shortly after their arrival a bitter blizzard set in, raging throughout the day…..” [22nd]

“They remained aboard the ship throughout the blizzard but at noon the following day disembarked, …” [23rd]

“The battalion embarked aboard the Seeang Bee and sailed for Alexandria at 9 am on Boxing Day.”


Cheers, Frev

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Hi again Tam,


The following is from: The Fighting 10th by Cecil BL Lock (1936) page 53- 







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