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German 15 cm Heavy Field Howitzer in Moss Vale, NSW


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Some members might be interested in this restored Howitzer which was captured by the 57th Battalion AIF on 8th August 1918.IMG_1080.jpg.7abcaa5b25af7571f18d04a99dae53f9.jpgIMG_1077.jpg.712ffdac5a8c1c4ca4462e5317906ab5.jpg


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Dear Harper,

Thanks for that.

It underlines the not inconsiderable contribution the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) made, at great cost to the young Nation.

The efforts of 57 Bn AIF being a good example.

How fortunate the authorities had the foresight to bring the captured Howitzer back to Australia (despite the fact that it was left to rot in Apex Park).

Having said that, the funding and restoration was better late than never, and the end result is pleasing, as a memorial...

Kindest regards,


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One of our many 'war trophies' scattered around the country.  Great to see it's been saved from total degradation!


Major R.S. Billett put together a book in 1999 called "War Trophies - From the First World War 1914 - 1918" - and it's interesting to note that "when the guns were presented to the Australian towns that received them, a written agreement was signed guaranteeing that they would be permanently displayed and preserved."



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The text provided isn't definitive on what the howitzer is. It is a 15cm schwere Feldhaubitze M1902. The 1917 build date on the barrel probably

confused the restorers but sFH 02s were rebuilt throughout the war and this one may have been a franken howitzer made up of salvaged parts with

a new or reconditioned barrel. There are only a small number of sFH 02s in Australia - just off the top of my head I can think of one

at the Rockhampton, Qld, Army Depot and I think there's a couple in Victoria (Ballarat?). The Rockhampton howitzer also has a 1917 date on the breech block

but a 1906 date on the carriage.







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