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Is this a Pattern 1907 bayonet ?


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Yes, and as it has no clearance hole in the pommel pre 1916.

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9 minutes ago, grenadierguardsman said:

Could someone show me this clearance hole please.



A rather battered Pattern 1907 (its actually a 1917 Wilkinson) but this is the clearance hole (to allow  etc to be the latch mechanism to be cleaned) - looking at this one it looks like it could do with it! :ph34r: Chris


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The bayonet I have has the following markings;

Kings Crown



Sanderson, very feint though

Other side

X bend test mark ?

It does have the clearance hole, so what type of scabbard would I need to get ?


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Is there a date on the blade (above the Sanderson stamp) it will be in the form Month / Year  so:  07  '16  would be July 1916?


Here is a battered Sanderson showing a June 1915 date:



There are some variations in scabbard fitments and construction (shape of the metalwork etc) but any standard Great War period 1907 Pattern Scabbard would work.

Here are some of the variations (shipe, rivets etc)




Generally speaking earlier blades (hence the question about the date) would have originally been paired with scabbards with an oval frog stud as opposed to round,  but scabbards were relatively fragile and subject to damage so replacements were common.


There are WWII and later scabbards out there (esp Australian produced ones) but these are virtually indistinguishable and will fit just fine. There are also reproduction scabbards out there -- these are generally terrible in both appearance and quality of materials and no cheaper than originals  - avoid them, there is no need.


There are sellers on eBay who have scabbards currently although the prices have climbed in recent years.




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55 minutes ago, grenadierguardsman said:

No not that I can see. I had to use a kids usb microscope to see the word Sanderson.



Sanderson as shown by 4thGordons is just one of several possible makers as an example of what should be stamped there, so don't stretch the eye-sight too much trying to find that maker!:thumbsup:

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