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Which Ambulance Trains evacuated Puchevillers on 2 July 1916?


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More than 500 casualties were evacuated from No. 3 Casualty Clearing Station at Puchevillers on 2 July 1916. To save me the work of ploughing through every diary in the hope of determining the answer, does any one know which Ambulance Trains departed that day?

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Well, Chris, 10 AT took 440 but that was on 3 July.


And 15 AT took 300 but that was also 3 July.


Ah! 31 AT took 275 on 2 July, going to Etaples.


Don't mind me, talk amongst yourselves ... :lol:




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Yes to 31 AT, departed 09.15 hrs but I'm seeing 62 officers sick, 244 wounded ORs and 31 sick ORs = 337.


Base diary says they arrived with 375.


All evacuations by AT, barge and convoy are recorded in WO447/5-9. That's July-Dec 1916.


But, NB those for Oct 1916 are muddled with 5th Army DMS appendices WO532/2.


The tables aren't perfect, I checked the lists to 5th July and compared them to base and AT diaries. There are discrepancies in AT numbers and destinations. About 10 discrepancies of 90 journeys.


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