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Remembered Today:

Four monuments tagged in Namur, Belgium

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Tonight, four monuments commemorating soldiers from the two world wars

have been tagged in the city of Namur, southern Belgium. The b.... who made

it have even claimed their acts on twitter!!

I can't publish the photos on here since they are copyrighted but a look at rtbf.be will tell the story.

I am at a loss for words...


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I'm quite sure my comment will be deleted, but this is what you get if a government allows political movements to remove or destroy monuments because they have some objection to them. Yesterday the statues of Leopold II had to be destroyed or removed, today some people object to war memorials because in their eyes they glorify war or something along those lines. What will it be tomorrow?

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It's anybody's guess but, alas, sheer stupidity seems to rule this world.

Now I'll try to take my mind off it and watch some old series of Monty Python's and Not the 9 o'clock news.


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