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Doug Lewis

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Could anyone offer help on this information taken from SWB list as cause of discharge -Army Order 11 Dated 10th August 1917, 2. b .(a) .(1).

Regards Doug.

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Army Orders were numbered consecutively during each year. AO 11 of 1917, published on 22 Dec 1916, deals with Distinctions in Dress--Chaplains Department. I don't think that is what your after.

Army Order 265 II Silver War Badge (Published on 10 Aug) states:

2. b. Those who having served as soldiers and being still of Military age, have been discharged under the conditions set forth at (i) and (ii) in (a)

(a) i. After service overseas in the armed forces of the crown, on account of disablement or ill health caused otherwise than by misconduct.

Joe Sweeney

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