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hms yarmouth, crescent and Pembroke

Guest halsaps21

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HMS Crescent - Crescent Class protected cruiser. Built 1893, sold 1921. L 387', b 60', displacement 7700 tons. 19.5 knots. Guns 1x9.2", 12x6", 2x18" torpedo tubes. Complement 520-550.

1914 Flagship 10th Cruiser Squadron (Northern patrol). 1916 Depot ship, 1917 Submarine depot ship

HMS Yarmouth - Weymouth Class Town Class cruiser. Built 1912, sold 1929. L 453', b 48', displacement 5250 tons. 25.5 knots. Guns 8x6", 1x3", 2x21" torpedo tubes. Complement 475-540.

1914 China. 1915 Grand Fleet. 1916 Jutland. 1918 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron.

HMS Pembroke - Royal Naval Barracks at Chatham

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HMS Crescent in 1898

All The Best



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Thanks for your photos and info. If you are interested there is a website with a picture of George A Cherry at a website for Hms Yarmouth just type this in and you you should come up with the website it goes all the way though to the ship that served in the Falklands War. it also shows you a copy of his demob papers.

regards Lee

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