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What is the best book to read to find out how the RFC operated in WWI please?  I'm interested in Flanders 1917 so how would I find out which units would be operating there in 1917 please...?

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I found this very good; note that it doesn't really deal with the period after the RAF was formed in April 1918




For Bloody April 1917, Peter Hart is excellent




Other retailers are available etc - link to Amazon because it gives all the details.

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You're asking a couple of different questions.  "Birth of the Royal Air Force" by Ian Philpott provides a decent, encyclopedia-like overview of the RFC through to the creation of the RAF.  The "Airfields and Airmen" series may provide more information about specific airfields, although the coverage in them is a bit patchy (some airfields get lots of attention, others aren't even mentioned).  

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Yes, sorry my suggestions are generalist and narrative, with many first-hand accounts quoted.  It all depends what you want.

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