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Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment

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Anybody got any idea as to where the Leinsters werelocated Sept 1914 - August 1915. My Grandfather James Kenna, Pte. 7383, served with the regiment from 1904 until invalided out in August 1915. He said he was wounded near "Wipers". I don't know what batallion he was in, but his medal card show entitlement for the 1914 star, and date of entry into the theatre as 08/09/1914. Any ideas ?

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Hello John and welcome to the Forum,

Your man was probably in the 2nd Leinsters. He was obviously a Regular as he enlisted in 1904 and the date of entry into theatre corresponds with the 2nd Leinsters arrival in France.

Tom Johnstone's "Orange, Green and Khaki" says this: "2nd Leinster Regiment on board the Lake Michigan arrived at the mouth of the Loire in a fit of impatience"

Mad for a fight! :lol:

As far as I can figure out, the 2nd Leinsters were at Lille and Premesques,( where they took a hammering) in mid-October 1914. Johnstone says " In three days fighting, which included the capture and loss of the Premesques salient, 2nd Leinsters suffered a total loss of 434, of whom five officers and 150 other ranks were killed."

Johnstone does not mention them again until the Somme in July 1916. I'm not sure what happened to them in between. Someone else on the Forum may know.



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Here's a story about the 2nd Leinsters at the time. It describes an incident during the Battle of the Aisne. If you check the Long Long Trail above, it gives more detail on the battle from the overall perspective.

Lt. N. Young, Randalstown:

Many of our readers have heard with pride of the noble act performed by their young fellow townsman, Lt. Neville Young, in succouring a wounded soldier, Pte. Noonan of his regt. 2nd Leinsters. Noonan is now in the infirmary at Ennis, and the following was received by Mrs. Young of Randalstown from our former Vicar - Rev. T. H. Abrahall - who is now Rector of Ennis.

It was in the Aisne battle that Noonan got wounded. It appears that 20 men of the Leinsters were ordered out undr command of Neville to locate some German trenches. They dashed out, Neville running in front, andthey were not out of shelter for a moment when five of them were mown down. On they went Neville still in front and Noonan exactly behind. The maxim bullet which got him - Noonan - must have shaved Neville. It struck him about the centre of the chest and came out his right side, breaking two ribs and smashing his arm as it went through. Another hit the bone of his knee but glanced off.

When he sank down, Neville lay beside him for 7 and a half hours, neither of them stirring in case the Germans were watching. When darkness came Neville got him away back into safety. Noonan said he would have been done for only for him (Neville). Again and again he repeated that he was the bravest of the brave and prayed that God would preserve him and bring him back in safety to you.'

From Drummaul Parish Magazine, December 1914

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Leinsters movements in 1915...

1st Bn...

January - Wardreques, Meteren,Westoutre, Dickebusch. St Eloi trenches on 12th.

February - Plas Ellson Valle, back to St Eloi on 27th.

March/April - Dickebusch, St.Eloi, Hooge.

May/June - Sanctuary Wood, Busseboom. Houplines sector throughout June.


2nd Bn...

January - June ... Rue de bois sector, Armentieres, l'Epinette. Transferred to Ypres sector in May. 2nd June to Bailleul, bivouacs east of Poperinge and la Brique sector on 5th June.


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Hi John

See if you can get a book called Stand To by Captain F. C. Hitchcock of the 2nd Leinster from your Library. It is a very good read.


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Thanks for the quick replies and information provided. Desmond7's reply fitted nicely in the sketchy info I have, as my grandfather did mention a Mister Young giving the order to take cover while they were being shelled, during which "Pop" had his thigh shattered.

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