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Assembly of battalions Delville Wood - Trench Coordinates


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From an operational from the 8 Suffolk WD I would appreciate any help plotting on a trench map the assembly point of the battalions  given in the order, which I include here. There is a map included of Delville Wood in the WD. Any help appreciated- my knowledge of using trench maps is very rudimentary. Perhaps this could also be used to plot the position on google maps.





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Hi David,


Here is a starter for you using your Delville Wood map in Appendix I.  Courtesy GeoRef.  Click on the image to enlarge.



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The assembly positions - rectangle marked by the four dots - including the boundary between 53rd and 106th Bdes at S.18.a.9.8 - the boundary between 53rd and 54th Bdes is off the map to the bottom left. If you want to look further you'll need map 57c SW3 where all these references can be found on one map.




And a google earth shot with overlay





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David, here are the brigade boundaries (purple), assembly area (shaded) and the approximate route taken to get there (some rough points included!).  Conversions are:

  • Dividing Line 53 & 54 Inf Bde     Sheet 57c.T.19.c.7.3    50.013428    2.82523
  • Dividing Line 53 & 54 Inf Bde     Sheet 57c.T.19.c.7.0    50.012195    2.82527
  • Dividing Line 53 & 54 Inf Bde     Sheet 57c.T.25.b.1.9    50.011818    2.827834
  • Dividing Line 53 & 54 Inf Bde     Sheet 57c.T.25.a.9.0    50.008102    2.826677
  • Dividing Line 53 & 106 Inf Bde     Sheet 57c.S.18.a.9.8    50.027659    2.813283
  • Assembly Area     Sheet 57c.S.18.a.20.05    50.024516    2.808917
  • Assembly Area     Sheet 57c.S.18.b.05.45    50.026233    2.814287
  • Assembly Area     Sheet 57c.S.18.a.1.6    50.026768    2.808205
  • Assembly Area     Sheet 57c.S.18.a.9.8    50.027659    2.813283


Courtesy GeoRef & tMapper


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This is brilliant- thanks very much for all your efforts, much appreciated.

This was the assembly point for an attack on Guillemont before Delville Wood was fully pacified, looking at where the meeting was in wood, wrecked from shell fire, it’s probably no wonder it was called off.


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