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British Cavalry Boots


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Hi all,


I am completely knew to First World War Uniforms, and I'm trying to identify these boots seen on Cavalry soldiers during and after the Great War. Some of the photos here are 1920s/30s, however they still appear to be the same boot. I've searched through the forum already, and they don't appear to be mentioned by anyone. (Although that might mean they are completely post war, or are obviously a standard issue boot; yet they don't look like B2s or B5s to me)


They are clearly ankle boots, which appear sometimes hobnailed, other-times not so. They also appear to always be made smooth leather side out, and highly polished. 


I'd appreciate any help with figuring out what exactly they are.


4th 7th Royal Dragoon post 1922.jpg

12th Royal Lancers Pistol Team in Cairo, Egypt with the Duke of Connaught's Cup 1930s.jpg

1940 palestine.jpg


A member of the Royal Artillery, WWI.jpg

A ww1 mounted trooper.jpg

Royal Scots Greys, cavalry groups in Nablus. Five mounted cavalry men.jpg

Yorkshire Hussars, 1940 BMOP.jpg

Yorkshire hussars.jpg

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They are no different to the standard British Army ammunition boot issued at the time.  They were merely boned, blackened and highly polished.  Long puttees and spurs were of course separate.

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