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Remembered Today:

41st Division, Third Ypres

Harvey H

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Good afternoon folks,


Once again hoping you guys and girls can help me, as has been the case many times before. I was hoping, after travel becomes easier than it is now, to head across to Ypres and tour some of the areas linked with where my Great Grandfather fought there. He was 10th Queens Own RWK/123 Brigade/41st Division. I’m aware that it is possible to walk along the Northern side of the Ypres-Comines Canal, as this was the route of advance on 31st July 1917 for the 10th RWK, so I’ll definitely be doing that. Apart from this, are there any other links to the 10th RWK/123 Brigade/41st Division’s fighting around Ypres in 1917 that I should visit? I’ve been to the memorial to them at Flers on the Somme, so to visit their areas in Ypres would also be brilliant. 

Im planning on tying in some of the more general Ypres sites during my visit (whenever it may be), but I’d like to fill a day relating to my GGF.


Many thanks and kindest regards,


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Harvey H,


The 41st Division also took part in the Battle of Menin Road in September 1917. The 123rd Brigade were initally held in reserve but were called upon the assist the 124th Brigade as the attack literally floundered in the Bassevillebeek stream that ran across the valley that the division had to cross. The objective being the Tower Hamlets Ridge on the other side of the valley.


There is also Le Bizet a 25 minute drive south of Ypres. This is where the 10th RWK were introduced to the trenches in late May of 1916 after crossing the channel. Nearby Gunners Farm Military Cemetery and Tancrez Farm Cemetery are the resting place of some of the battalions first casualties.



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Longboat, that’s marvellous. I’m slowly going through the war diaries, but with Uni restarting soon and doing bits of research for friends on their relatives, I probably wouldn’t have even got to the section relating to what you’ve written there. 

My GGF didn’t join them until after their first minor operations on the Somme (7th Sept 1916), but I shall still visit those cemeteries to pay my respects. Been on holiday this past week, but took my printed war diary pages with me and began reading the section relating to their operations during the Messines ridge ops. 

Kindest regards and many thanks for the help


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