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Remembered Today:

Private Stanford Leigh Lambert RAMC, August 26th 1915.

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August 26th. "Neuralia" away, "Nerassa" filling. We do nothing until 10 pm, then take on 40 medical cases, all diarrhoea, a poor, wretched lot. Poor Lambert got special message from shore to say his brother, who was moved up here with 29th Division, was killed by shell today in camp. We saw that Turks were putting in shells very frequently.


Hear that "Valdivia" is out here. Anzac sounds busy.


This stand easy very welcome, but it gives one time to get homesick. German aeroplane over early. All usual stunts going on, except that there is no rifle fire. Lambert was ashore. - from the diary of Surgeon Reginald Eccles-Smith, RN, Hospital Ship REWA. RIP Private Stanford Leigh Lambert RAMC, age 25, buried at Hill 10 Cemetery above Suvla Bay; brother of Surgeon John Lambert, RN, also REWA.


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