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Information on award of military medal

Guest ericm

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Hi there,

I am new to the Forum so excuse my ignorance !

I am trying to find out about the award of a Military Medal awaded to my Grandad, Thomas Albert Malpas of the 7th Battalion of the Black Watch.

The award was made on the 31st of July 1917 at the battle of Arras/Vimy Ridge.

I have researched the Black Watch Acrhives and have the newspaper clipping stating that an award was made but there is no mention of why it was awarded.

The newspaper clipping merely refers to the fact that he was wounded and suffering from Shell-shock.

I also have located through the National Archives a record of the award but again there was no mention of why it was awarded.

Any ideas of how I can find this information out.

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As you've tried the local paper and the Regimental Museum, I reckon your only other option is the war diary. The museum may have already checked this for you but it's worth looking yourself.

By the way, no need to excuse yourself - it's a good question


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Your Grandad (Sgt T Malpas) was in the Casualty Lists published in "THE SCOTSMAN" on 4th Sept 1916, if you have spoken to the Regimental Museum I guess they told you?

He is pictured in "A HISTORY OF THE BLACK WATCH IN THE GREAT WAR, 1914-1918" VOLUME TWO, TERRITORIAL FORCE. Page 290 (back right with a cheery grin!)

I will try to scan if you want.


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Hi Eric,

Here's a scan of the photograph Fred mentioned. I had it on my computer so thought I'd post a copy.

All the best,



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