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US YJ Helmets Having a White "N" or "IV" Painted Inside


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I was looking through a diffrent forum online when I saw someone posted a painted M1917 YJ serial number helmet that has what looks to be white letter N painted inside, partially underneath the liner pad. I too have a YJ series helmet with the same exact white N or IV painted in a very similar spot. Does anybody else have a YJ with this mark? Otherwise, does anyone know what it could be? My guess would maybe be a inspection marking, as from my understanding the YJ series was sort of an experimental line of helmets, all made of steel diffrent from the other recipies used by the US manufactorers. To me it makes sense that these would have to go under diffrent inspection processes than other helmets, as they were "experimental". But obviously not every YJ helmet has this, so maybe it is something else. I guess there is always the extremely off chance that both helmets belonged to the same unit, platoon, company, or squad, but this also doesnt make much sense considering that mine is marked with a 36th Division insignia, and his camoflauged in the pattern of the German helmets. Usually smaller units like comapnies would alot of the time get their helmets painted all at once by a few guys (again, the majority of the time) and in the same style (for example, those 7th division helmets with shields painted on top that pop up every once in a while). 


The camo helmet is stamped YJ132, while mine is YJ155


Here is the camo one...e24wlok4ymd51.jpg.a22a08df5c242d809a09664850719b7b.jpgo7ul3uk4ymd51.jpg.9910d1ae435ce9fc7d1c5f2035c9df56.jpg9op9iwk4ymd51.jpg.ad3a9a93c7505b87eda441ea706746b8.jpg


Here is mine...IMG_1424.JPG.a74cceef0f82d4d9a0f53ea310cf9f78.JPGIMG_1431.JPG.97e36e7c16d83c8005e29d9412e4f643.JPGIMG_1434.JPG.56431ed8079598e556e7a40357f790c4.JPG




The only major difference between the two marks is the location; the camo helmet has it at the back (near the heat stamp), while mine has it on the other side away from the heat stamp. Side note: I believe the orignial owner of my helmet wore it on backwards, as the 36th Division insignia is actually on the back of the helmet (near the heat stamp). Taking that into account, the symbols would both be in the wearer's back side of the helmet.




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