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106th MGC

Simon Furnell

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Evening Tim.

Type in 35th Division,on The Long Long Trail search box,and you will get a good deal about the Division.

I thought the 35th rang a bell,and that was because it was what was known as a Bantam Division,being made up of men who were under the Army's minimum height,which (i think) was 5' 3 inches.

Looking at Chris's description,they were involved in March 1917,in The Retreat To The Hindenburg Line,when the German Army gave up loads of ground and retired to a specially prepared defence line.

Unfortunately,they faught all the way back.

All the best.


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Thanks for the ideas, I've already been over the info on the site, many times.

The info on the retreat to the Hindenberg Line say it started on March 14th, my Great Granddad died on March 7th so I'm really interested in all action before that.

Chris, great site, well done. But allow me to let you know that the links from 104th, 105th, 106th on the Units of the MGC to the 35th division take you to the 34th division, nothihg serious :) .

Where can I get hold of Naval and military press ? I live in the south of France.


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Hi Tim

From Soldiers Died :-

24476 Private Frederick William Sweet

Born, Bristol, Glos

Enlisted, Bristol

Killed in Action, France & Flanders 07/03/1917

Formerly 6764 Gloucestershire Regiment.


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