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La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial Cheshire Regiment

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Hi pals


I am hoping someone might have some good, close-up pics of the 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment names on La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial. Last time I was there the Cheshire lads' name were badly weathered and indistinct, and my camera was not up to the higher resolution I would have needed. (see photo attached)


Almost all of these were killed in action at Audregnies on 24 August 1914, an action from which my grandfather escaped unscathed.


During 'lock-down' I have been re-doing my www.grandadswar.co.uk website and would like to include an image of each man's name on the Memorial alongside his personal and military history. I can of course highlight a name from a small group, but not from the general wider quality currently available to me.


Many thanks as always for looking


Ferte-sous-Jouarre names.JPG

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Michelle Young

Won't be going there until next year whe it will be our last port of call on Dads memorial and ashes scattering tour. Will get the photos with pleasure then if you can wait that long. 


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Thanks Michelle - will keep your generous offer in mind, in case nothing else comes up meantime.

Then again - it would be a good excuse to go for a trip myself, wouldn't it?


Take care


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