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German Shell Casing Markings


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I have had this little item on my desk for years, a gift from a chap whose Dad brought it home. Decided to do a little research This is what I think I understand about it. Any other details or possible weapons would be gratefully welcomed. The one headstamp fits into the other to make a little 3 inch high canister of sorts. I keep shrapnel and odd bits in here.

It appears they are both 77 mm in size.

St - Strengthened.

DEZ 1908 - December 1908

Dusseldorf - obvious

Rh M. F. 29 - Rheinische Munitions Fabrik

Crown 27 - original inspection mark?

Sp 197 - later inspection mark?


Second image

St - Strengthened

G 220 - ?

Sept 1917 - obvious

C7% Cu - Copper content

HL 25 - presume an inspection mark


Thanks all for having a peek and sharing your wisdom.


Any sense of value on something like this would also be appreciated.






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For the bottom case, G is the case manufacturer, Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Geisslingen;

220 is the Lot number of empty case, St means it is a strengthened (thicker walled) case;

HL25 is the case acceptance stamp from the Hauptlaboratorium, Ingolstadt, Bavaria (akin to the Royal Laboratory, Woolwich);

67 % is the copper percentage of the brass - marked on late 1917+ cases.


The top case is from Rheinische Metallwaren und Maschinenfabrik, Düsseldorf. 29 is the Lot number. It has a pre-1915 Prussian acceptance stamp (crown and numeral 27) over stamped with a Spandau acceptance mark, so has been reworked.






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Thank you very much. This is indeed helpful information.


Any ideas on what might have fired it?




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