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Strange Medal

Guest Steve E

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Hello everyone. My name is Steve and I am new to this forum. I love to collect military collectibles. I just stumbled across this forum by mistake and am I glad I did. Looks very informative and fun.

I was given this medal years ago and I have not been able to find anyone who can identify it. The original presentation box is plain black (no markings) with a red satin-like interior. I think it is Pre WWI German by looking at the writing on the bottom. Anyway the images should show every detail clearly. Thank you for any help.

Medal Images

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What does the writing say?


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It worked for me. This being said, I have no idea what the medal is.

Worked for me also.


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German...last word is konig (king).

des (of) xxxxx regiment king.

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Guest Greg Nehring

Hi All, It appears to be a Bavarian Veterens' badge for the 1st Bavairian Infantry Regiment. My German is pretty minimal but it basically says in in Honour of beloging to the 1st Bavaian Infantry Regiment, the Kaizers 1st Inf. Regt. During reimantal reunions you could buy such commemoratives of varying quality. The more you paid, the better the medal. The funds going to pay for those past members of the regiment injured or infirmed through service at the front or in need.



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Hey Robbie, i stopped at a place called Konigswinter, what does that stand for in German then??????????

Winter of the Kings? King's winter?

Robbie :lol:

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