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alf mcm

Endell Street Hospital - Women 'noticed....'

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alf mcm

   Many women working at Endell Street, and it’s Auxilliary Hospitals, were ‘Brought to the notice’ of the Secretary of State for War for valuable nursing services rendered in connexion with the the war' {Or similar}. The only public recognition of this was having their names printed in ‘The Times’ newspaper.

  The following women were ‘noticed’ {dates of ‘The Times’ also shown}. Details in brackets are from Red Cross record cards and Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. records. ;-


Miss M.B. ALLEN – 20/10/1917 {Margaret Blanch Allen – Quartermaster}

Nurse Miss N. CHANCE – 12/08/1918 {Nora Chance – Assistant Packstore and Linen Keeper}

Mrs M.A. CHANTRY – 07/09/1918

Nurse Miss A.C. CLEGHORN – 19/08/1919

Sister Miss E.M. CLEMOW, Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. – 20/10/1917 {Sister Evelyn M. Clemow}

Miss D.F. CLENHAM – 20/10/1917

Nursing Probationer Miss M.M. GOULD – 22/10/1917

Miss E. HATTEN – 09/09/1918

Sister L.M. LAWRENCE – 05/03/1917

Sister Miss E.M. LAWTON, Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. - 22/10/1917

Sister E. MAY – 05/03/1917

Miss J. MORTON – 22/10/1917

Nurse Miss L.V. MORTON – 12/08/1918

Probationer F. NICHOLSON, W.H.C. – 05/03/1917

Probationer M. PASTEUR, W.H.C. – 05/03/1917

Sister Miss A. READ, Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. – 23/10/1917

Nurse Miss D.A.D. RIDLEY – 19/08/1919

Sister A.V. SUDDABY – 05/03/1917

Probationer P. WARD, W.H.C. – 05/03/1917

Sister M.G. WILLIS – 05/03/1917



Lady Domini CROSFIELD – 02/02/1918 {Lady Domini Crosfield – Commandant}

Nurse Miss G, HALL, V.A.D. – 18/08/1919

Mrs D. HOMFRAY – 10/02/1919 {Dorothea Homfray - Quartermaster}



Miss M. POYNTER – 10/02/1919



Sister Miss E. BYRNE, V.A.D. – 18/08/1919

Superintendant Mrs C. CLAYTON – 20/10/1917 {Mrs Caroline Alice Clayton – Lady Superintendent}}

Nurse Miss C. KNOWLES, V.A.D.  – 19/08/1919 {Clarice Marian Knowles – Nursing Member}

Staff Nurse Mrs N. MAXWELL – 22/10/1917 {Nellie Maxwell – Deputy Assistant Commandant}

Nurse Miss N. PARSONS – 23/10/1917

Nurse Miss M. POLLARD – 23/10/1917 {Mrs Margaret Lucy Butler {formerly Pollard} – Nursing Member}

Commandant Mrs J.D. RICHARDSON – 23/10/1917 {J.D. Aubrey Richardson – Commandant}

Staff Nurse Miss E. ROOFF – 13/08/1918 {Ethel May Rooff – Section Leader}

  The fact that women had been 'noticed' was to be entered in their service records. The Red Cross record cards show that some women did not mention this in the section for 'honours', but some others stated that they were Mentioned in Despaches, which was only for overseas service.



Alf McM







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Wendy Moore

Great work collecting all these names of women who worked at Endell Street! I knew of many of them - and of course Jennian Geddes has collected many of the names previously - but some of the names are new. Just in case anyone else is interested you can find out the story of the hospital in my book Endell Street.

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