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48 Brigade RFA

Guest Stephe

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Guest Stephe

Thanks for the invaluable information on your website. I do have a question about an army unit and I hope it doesn't sound foolish.

Your page on 14th (Light) Div. was most helpful. However, I'm baffled as to where to go from there regarding 48 Brigade RFA which left the Division on 7th Jan. 1917 when it was "transferred as an army brigade". My question has two parts: What does that mean and where did they go? I'm assuming that they stayed on the Western Front and were incorporated into another Division. I have a relative whoserved with 'A' Battery and was killed in September 1917. (Thanks to Jock Bruce for corroborating my information).

Stephe Miller

Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA

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As an Army Brigade, they would have become a 'roaming' field artillery unit, attached to an Army and not a division - this was common practice as it made the use and availability of artillery more flexible. It would have stayed on the Western Front, but it would have been under command of a different type of formation - in this case an Army, and as such would have two war diaries at the PRO/NA - one for being in 14th Light Div and one as an Army Brigade RFA.

Hope that makes sense!

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