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Hello everyone,


A number of years ago, I commissioned a new piece for the Euphonium entitled 'In Gardens of Peace' which was inspired and represented The Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries on the old Somme battlefields. I was privileged to be invited to Assevillers in September 2018 to perform this piece of music as a guest soloist and it really touched me at the power that music has to connect with people.


I recently found myself wanting to explore this topic through music again but in the form of a major piece of music which explores the journey of a soldier during The First World War.


Although I am in the initial stages of this new Concerto for Euphonium, I have worked alongside the composer to develop an initial plan. The concerto is split into three movements which expores the themes of a soldier arriving in France and hearing the guns and seeing the trenches and having a baptism of fire as well as more quiet moments with an ominous overtone, the piece will end with a question mark exploring that as one soldiers journey ended others journeys will continuing or even just beginning. The piece is intended to be a serious work and I wanted a way in which I could connect the audience with the realities shown in the concerto. Although this has to be done in a tasteful manner.


I currently look at creating a short film with my living history society to project onto the screen or to use in a future video featuring the music to try and illustrate this and I wanted to ask your input to see what other idea's are out there.


This is quite an extended project which involves the creation and delivery of music, amendments to the music, time to practice and learn the piece and rehearse it with a band before finally performing this piece and hopefully if all goes to plan record this piece.

I really look forward to reading your thoughts for bringing this piece to life.


Many Thanks,

Micah Dominic Parsons

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