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Bull Farm at Hooge

Minefield Mc

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Bull Farm at Hooge was the location of the shaft for the mine detonated by 175 Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers on 19th July 1915. The original shaft at the Stables was abandoned due to the geology. The gallery was described by Lt Cassels  as being at 58 metres from the shaft when a t shaped section was excavated to place the charge of 3,500lb of Ammonal, plus a lot of extra scrounged explosives of different kinds from “generous sources”. Despite looking through maps and diaries I have been unable to place the exact location of Bull Farm in relation to the stables and the site of the now filled in crater, adjacent to what is now the Hooge Crater Museum. It is quite obviously not too far away, but where exactly? Can anyone who may know the location of Bull Farm assist please? Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Mc

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The Book 'Sanctuary Wood and Hooge' by Nigel Cave mentions it.

I don't have the book but you can read excerpts of it on Google Books.

This suggests that Bull Farm is part of the Chateau grounds.



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I just found a map a few pages which includes Bull Farm..



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Jason Mc, you are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you very much for your time and effort which I gratefully appreciate. I suspected it was to the east of the crater and on the northern side of the road, but had no clue as to where until now. Thank you again. 

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