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Bombardier W.A. Hewitson 348 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

Mark Hone

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I am currently researching this Bury man, who was called up as a 38 year-old conscript in 1916 and served until he was demobilized in 1919 in 348 (CCCXLVIII) Brigade, RFA. Unfortunately I can find no mention of this Brigade on Chris Baker's estimable 'Long, Long Trail' site. I don't think that I have missed CCCXLVIII in the slew of Roman numerals. It is definitely '348' as it is written several times. From the amazing lack of detail on Hewitson's service record (one of the few things it records is his promotion to Bombardier in April 1918) I am guessing that this was a Home Service unit but does anyone have further details?

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You are quite right Mark, it was a Home based unit. Part of 69th (East Anglian) Divisional Artillery, they moved around in East Anglia then the north of England. Prior to May 1916 they were 2/4th East Anglian Brigade RFA. I do have a partial list of places they were stationed at but it is by no means complete. They alternated between camps in warm weather to billets in the cold weather but also moved several times in between.

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Thanks for that, David. His Service Record runs to 18 pages, most of which are blank!

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