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Swiss backpack, time unknown?


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Hello there. This is a Swiss tornister backpack. I understand that this is a World War One forum, however I was wondering if anyone knew if this was from either of the world wars. The last photo shows the number 40 in between the makers mark, and the number 48 on the end of the leather strap. I am not an expert on this kind of stuff, so any info would help.




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It certainly looks like a Swiss tornister.

But as per Wikipedia the same model was in use for both World Wars, introduced in 1898! This one looks mid-century imo.

Who is the manufacturer?  Jos[eph] ...moz  in Fribourg  is what I read.

Maybe something can be gleaned from that.

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Hi there! That’s for that info you found. Yes, the maker is Joseph Moz Fribourg. It is very hard to tell if it says Joseph, but you are probably right. 

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