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'Bum and Eyeglass' Higgins - Nicknames in RFC


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I was wondering if some contributors could furnish me with some of the more interesting and humorous nicknames and their derivation in the RFC/RAF. Obviously the monocle General 'Bum and Eye Glass Higgins comes to mind as does the rotund 'Pregnant Percy', but I thought there might be others. Many thanks in advance.

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2nd Lt Benjamin Roxburgh-Smith gained the nick name "Dad" when he joined 74 Squadron in early 1918, as at 34 he was much older than the other pilots. He flew in Mick Mannock's A Flight. He was the mess officer & played the piano at mess parties.

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Came across several in 'Observer' by A J Insall - Lt Col H R M 'Brookham' Brooke-Popham, Brig-Gen E B 'Splash' Ashmore and Capt P H L 'Pip' Playfair.


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