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RMLI Naval experts, need your help please...


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Hi All,


Hope you're safe and well.


I have some questions regarding my My Great Grandfather, Robert Parmenter, enlisted in RMLI 1902-1910, Reg No. 13153


Please see attached documents, on the lower page in the section 'SEVICES FORFEITED' Section, under the 'CAUSE' Column there are man entries as 'C' - Any ideas what this C stands for?


Also, it looks like he went to Prison for 90 days on 18th June 1909. He was aboard HMS Black Prince at the time, is there any way I can research this and find out any more information?


Any help is much appreciated,


Best regards,





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What a dreadful record of disciplinary punishments. One of the worst I have ever seen. The "C" = Punishment in Cells (on board),  "C.P." = time spent under punishment by the Civil Power - time that does not count towards his engagement. "2nd Class" is his Class for Conduct. With so many serious offences in a four year period and 'Character' asserssments dowm to rock-bottom as "Indifferent" (you cannot go lower), it is hardly suprising that he was kicked out of the RMLI "Services No Longer Required." (SNLR) in 1910.

You may well find details of his crimes in his Kew records under ADM 157. You can (usually) order copies here:- 

 https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C14210402  but COVID has halted the Kew copying service at present.


His full Register No, was Chatham/13153.


Imprisonment (in a civilian prison, as opposed to detention in naval detention quarters) was only for the most serious offences such as theft from messmates and 'unnatural'' offences.

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