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A Rankin

Location found for CDS 21 Notes on protection against poisonous gases

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A Rankin

Good morning everyone.


There is a copy of CDS 21 'Notes on protection against poisonous gases' (May 1915) in WO 95/2/9 Branches and Services: General Staff 1915 May 1 - 1915 May 7. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/69ee99b440974a01964c5a90ba99adaa


This diary slice is 43 pages long, and the pamphlet is page 42 and 43. As discussed in several areas of the forum, WO 95 diaries are included on the free download list for registered users for the time being.


Has anyone found any other CDS or SS pamphlets in any other diaries that they have downloaded recently?





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