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Count Franz Von Harrach was the aide in Franz Ferdinand’s car, equerry rather than “bodyguard”.  Is he one and the same with the German minister in Brussels, who rather vituperatively spoke during negotiations with the US representative, over leniency for Edith Cavell.  Or just another Count Von Harrach??

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The v. Harrach in the car was Franz Maria Alfred. The one in relation to Cavell was an Oberstleutnant/Lt. Col. If that helps to narrow things down.


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Unfortunately, Count Von Harrach, who was on the running board, was also an oberstleutnant!  I am afraid the search goes on but t’interweb is curiously reticent on the full name of the officer in Brussels!  The possibility of there being more than one Count Von Harrach is also not a help - German and Austrian nobility fling courtesy titles around like the proverbial.  It is rather as if there were a dozen Duke of Marlborough’s but only one “The Duke“?

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