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would anyone know where to get list of sailors on king edward v11 trying to id these three


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There was a need to retain completed ship musters in the 18th and 19th centuries. Sailors were like today's IT freelancers (prior to IR35). They would embark, and sail with a ship until it was paid off. Following a period of debauchery in a lot of cases, the sailor would then embark a new vessel. 

If a sailor were to make a claim for a pension from the Admiralty, the sailor would outline their service history. This would be confirmed against ship musters by Navy Office clerks. Service records of continuous service were not maintained until about 1854. The first sailors' service records are in the ADM 139 series of records.

I would imagine that after this happened, the need to retain ship musters was no more. Bruno Pappalardo's excellent book on naval ancestors is likely to mention this in greater detail.

In answer to your question, I am unaware of any surviving ship muster for HMS King Edward VII for the period 1903 up to her sinking in 1916. Ironically, the nearest you will find is if a warship sunk during WW1, and the fatalities from the skinking can be sourced via CWGC.

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Regret to inform you that the chance if ID'ing these 3 sailors is extremely unlikely.

I have many many Postcards of unidentified sailors of all rates I would love to ID.


For what its worth they appear to be quite young, I would guess they are either Boys ( possibly1st class) or Ordinary Seaman on their first sea draft.  

As they wear no insignia this seems a very good possibility.


Thanks, Bryan


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