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R H Lowe s s memphian


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Unless the question for R H Lowe can be tied in to WW1 then , I'm afraid, it's out of scope and liable to be closed.


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Two possibles from WW1 records

Robert Henry Lowe 1

born Manthorpe, Grantham, Lincolnshire 1869

ww1 mercantile marine medal

master in 1915 crew lists


Robert Henry Lowe 2

born North Shields 1889

ww1 mercantile marine medal

engineer in 1915 crew lists

1918-21 CR10 card with passport style photo


Could either of these men match your man from 1912

best wishes



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Maybe the first mentioned R H Lowe is the person who I would be looking for.  I have in my possession, an item which was presented to thus man by his shipmates ( the date shown was 1912 ).  Apparently , he was fron Grantham, in Lincolnshire......and the only reason I think this is the man whose information I am looking for, is the fact that this “ award” was in the possession of my father in law, who was born and raised in Grantham.

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This is his medal card detail


You should be able to download for free at present.

the 1915 crew lists are at


He appears to have been the master of MELTONIAN which was a Leyland ship like MEMPHIAN

best wishes


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