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1911 overseas census data via British Army Ancestors


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I see that Paul Nixon has added some more "stickiness" to the British Army Ancestors website.




If you were to type in the name of a family member who happened to be mis-transcribed on Ancestry, then you may find him on this site. (My man "Hanry Leath" does appear, albeit with a more accurate transcription of what was actually written than the Ancestry attempt at transcription.) This should make the viewer consider using the services of FMP, who would pay a finder's fee to the website.

For the sake of a distinct name, I typed in the details for the following man, who enlisted in 1910. Two search results came up, one being his MIC, and the other being his entry on the 1911 Census.

Whilst nothing new to the seasoned researcher, it could be useful to a neophyte.

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