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I've no idea what cross-over there is between membership of the GWF and the Western Front Association (I belong to both), but I just wanted to raise awareness here of a project being undertaken by the WFA members.I hope it's alright to post this here!


The CWGC hold details of 100s of men who served under an Alias name during WW1. The WW1 Pension Cards stored on Ancestry.com suggest that there are 100s, if not 1000s, more that have not yet been identified. Project ALIAS seeks to do just that. The following link gives more information about the project which really needs more volunteers to help with the research. It's very simple - all you need is a computer and are able to spend a couple (or more) hours a week. I'll let the article speak for itself.




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It's a very worthwhile project (I'm one of the 'co-ordinators') and should show some very good data once it's completed.


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Thanks for this Simon. A massive thank you to everone who is taking part in this. I really can't overstate how interesting this is, and if we can pull this all together it really will be a fascniating piece of work which will probably give academics something to chew on for some time !


And that's not even taking into cosideration the benefit that will be derived in looking up names for families of men who joined up using an alias. These men we should (when we complete this) be able to trace under either (or in some cases 'all') names.


There really are some fascinating examples coming up here.


I would warmly encourage anyone who can spare a couple of hours here and there to come forward - we really can do something spectacular here !

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