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Arthur Waltham Howlett RAMC. Details re Baluchistan/Persia?

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Arthur Waltham Howlett (Major, RAMC) wrote the following account available online

 "Lost in the Desert. A Frontier Incident"

page 328 The Empire Review catalogued as The Commonwealth & Empire Review Volume 34, 1920 Archive.org.


The account indicates that this incident occurred in the extreme west of Baluchistan, near the border with Persia and Afghanistan.  but does not give any details about the regiment he was attached to, but presumably Indian Army. As there is a reference to "the column on foot", perhaps this implies infantry. There is no reference to date either. Does anyone have any further information?


Howlett, born 1880, joined the Indian Medical Service 1907 and exchanged into RAMC 1913 and was appointed Major 1919.


He also wrote Many Camps : Sketches of Indian Life 1912, (articles republished from the Manchester Guardian) available at the British Library UIN: BLL01001749857, and also available to those in areas such as North America on Google Books and HathiTrust Digital Library. The latter book describes "travel all over the Raj, from Robat on the Persian Border, the Baluchistan desert, to hill stations and jungle rivers, from desert winters to monsoon rains".


If anyone is able to read the 1912 book online, is the 1920 article actually taken from the 1912 book?





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