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Guest Mark Gamble

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Guest Mark Gamble

I am writing an article about a relative, Sgt. Eddie Clarke, 7592, 1st. Batt., West Yorks. According to a document he said that he:

Was called up off reserve on Aug. 8th. 1914. went out with the 18th Brigade 6th Division. His first engagement was the battle of Aisne on Sept. 20th. Sunday night. After one night's battle there were only 120 left, after being reinforced they went into battle again straight away, then got relieved by the French. Withdraw from that action and fought a rearguard action from Wesslebrook to Lille. Retired from Lille and dug in at Armentires, stayed there the Winter, received first wound at Wuplines the left of Armentires. Came home then volenteered to go out again to reinforce the 12th West Yorks at Loos. From Loos to Armentires again then Ypres, then after Winter the Battle of St. Eloy, then to the Somme front Battle on the 14th of July, was wounded with being blown up by a shell. Came home with severe shell shock, and is now instructing the 89 Training Reserve Batt. At Combois, Blyth.

I would like to know if anyone can suggest location for Wesslebrook and Wuplines, I have some ideas, but if there is an expert on the West Yorks out there who can advise me I would be very grateful for you help.

Thank You.

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No idea where Wesslebrook is. Nothing even close on a Michelin atlas. Suggest Wuplines is in fact Houplines, village just to the NE of Armentieres.

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Strange one this Mark.

Have tried Multimap,and a few others,and the name doesn't show up,Wesslebrook that is.

I wonder if this is a small village just over the border in Belgium,that maybe doesn't exsist anymore or is spelt slightly different nowadays.

Have any of our Belgian Pals,heard of this place?

He was a very busy man,thats for sure.

All the best.


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It's not mentioned in the Regimental History, either.


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Just did a search and discovered this link, my Great Grandfather was in the 1st battalion too - having joined it from the 3rd battalion (reserves) on the 5th of December 1915 - have just downloaded the war diaries from NA and got a better idea of the movements - he died of wounds possible as a result of a shell hitting the billets at Houplines. Dying the next day on the 15th

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