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HMS Manxman


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I would be most grateful if someone on the Forum could supply me with details of Manxman's aircraft movements during her time at Mudros, 25 January 1918 until her departure back to Brindisi on 5 February 1918.

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Ship's log January 1918



Ship's log February 1918



are both in the National Archives at Kew but haven't been digitised, and to be perfectly honest I don't know for certain if aircraft manoeuvres were logged. I can't find her on the Oldweather project.


You could order a copy or hire a researcher if unable to visit Kew yourself, but I hope someone else on the forum may have a better idea.

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Thanks Jane. 

Yes, I should have pointed out that Manxman is, unfortunately, not a vessel that has been transcribed on Oldweather.  By aircraft movements I really only need times of aircraft launchings and recoveries.  These are usually - but not always - noted in the ships log.  As you say, a researcher may be my best option.

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