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Dry Cell Batteries S and X


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Single use, disposable, dry cell, carbon zinc batteries were widely used in the Great War. These were a comparatively new technology and made the wide spread use of small portable electrical devices such as flashlights (torches), field telephones and electric signal lamps practical. In British service two cells the S and X were widely used in many types of signalling equipment. These are a 1.5 volt battery.


The S and X batteries differ from the equivalent batteries of today in being of a square section with approx 1 1/2 inch sides and 4 inches tall. For electrical connections, threaded brass rods are fitted to the battery with knurled thumb screw nuts to secure insulated wires to the instrument. With connectors the batteries are approx. 4 1/2 inches tall.


Can any member provide a modern photo of either S or X battery from the Great War period ? The objective is to permit some dummy batteries to be fabricated to be used with some original signals equipment.


The X battery continued production through WW2 with civilian production until the early 1960s and some military use as late as 1980, until they were replaced by a battery using a circular can mounted inside a square carboard box. The photo below shows some WW2 and latter examples.





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