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ASC units post War

mickey selcon

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Does anyone know when the last ASC units would have been repatriated from Italy after the War? As i understand it, they would have been involved in 'tidying' up and arranging for equipment, vehicles, stores etc to be brought home, but can't find any information about when this role would have been completed and the last men sent home so any information would be greatly appreciated.





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In France & Flanders, the role of vehicle concentration then dispersal was via the Vehicle Reception Parks, of which, records are rather scanty. They seem to have been continuations of Corps Siege Parks, but the ones I have seen,the diaries end in early 1919.

You could try the relevant Corps Siege Park diaries for Italy if the same structure was in place.


I did post a list of VRPs a few years ago along with locations, but I can't  recall any outside F&F.

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Hi Dai


Unfortunately I haven't found a definitive answer to this. I have found the Supply and Transport GHQ War Diaries form 1918/19 and these confirm that a MT Evacuation Depot was set up in the Milan area in 1919 but could find nothing to identify when it was finally closed down. However, my man was the CO of the unit and his medal card indicates that he would have likely been repatriated in May 1920, an entry in the ASC Journal confirming that he was back in the Uk at a Regimental Dinner in July 1920. This info apart I don't think I'll ever get to the bottom of my original question.


Thank you for your help and best regards



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My experience of researching VRPs is similar.

IIRC, 9VRP was born out of XV Corps Siege Park in the Roubaix area in late 1918/early 1919.

The diary for that period is pretty useless and just ends around March 1919.

I suppose the wartime need to keep a diary was over, and so many men were being de-mobbed that after a certain point, the diary compiler was either demobbed himself or transferred elsewhere.

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