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Who did Rene Fonck shot down...?

T, Fazzini

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see picture athttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:M_251_15_Fonck_après_sa_60e_victoire.jpg

A September 1918 magazine Le Miroir article (no. 251, p. 15) showing Fonck with a German Cross emblem from what is allegedly his 60th victory; Charles Biddle's "The Way of the Eagle" between pp. 206–207 showed this picture with a caption claiming that it showed Fronck with the emblem coming from the plane of the pilot who had killed Guynemer

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Thanks...Wissemann was a one man Jasta  pilot...is the Insignia from a 2 man Rumpler aircraft? 

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The cross is pre 21 March 1918 so that narrows it down.

Also lm surprised to see Fonck with a bandage on his head as he was proud of the fact that no German bullet ever touched his plane.

Perhaps he'd had a crash.lf so that might date the photo as well.

Plus of course how many of his victories came down in French lines?

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