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Remembered Today:

German air casualites October 1918

T, Fazzini

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While doing some research I came across following record -following my Summary of a World War I US Army record of German Air Casaulites

Date: 10/11/1918  [October 11, 1918]

German plane with two aviators fell in battle with Allied Planes [Both personnel burned to death when gas tank exploded]

Apparent location: [U.S.] "30th Division. Near Bohain, Aisne, France"


Possible canidates of the fallen German Air Personel fell near this date at this place?

{Note could someone please place this on Aerodome Forum in query?





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According to the casualty lists "Casualties of the german air services 1914-1919" (by Franks, Bailey and Duiven), there are only two german pilots died at Oct, 11, 1918.

But that was near Leffincourt ,east of Reims, 185km southeast from Bohain-en-Vermandois (St. Quentin)

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Thanks--any German Air casualites the day prior?

For that matter could date  have been November 10, 1918? 

Or could it have been a mistake for an  allied airplane? Both crew and plane were pretty badly burned....


30th Division in World War I

The division, along with the 27th Division, was assigned to the U.S. II Corps but did not serve with the main American Expeditionary Force (AEF) and was instead attached to the Second Army of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), trading American equipment for British equipment.

The major operations the 30th Division took part in were the Ypres-Lys, and the Somme offensive, in which it was one of the two American divisions to break the Hindenburg Line in the Battle of St. Quentin Canal. The division had, in three months, from July until October 1918, sustained 1,237 officers and men killed in action (KIA), with a further 7,178 wounded in action (WIA) or missing in action (MIA).


Map of position of 30th Division September 1918



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