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Mustard Gas “ Bomb” ?

phil andrade

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An obituary to John Jenkins in yesterday’s Daily Telegraphcaught my eye.


One day , he was called to investigate a First World War bomb which had been unearthed in a farmer’s field. As a result he became exposed to mustard gas which resulted in severe burns and several weeks in hospital 


This incident occurred near Warminster in Wiltshire just after the Second World War.


The use of the word ‘bomb” troubles me.  Shell...yes, of course : but mustard gas wasn’t delivered by bomb in the Great War, was it ?




Edit : apologies for misplaced bold and italics.  Tried to do it properly, but you know what I mean !

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In the media, the words shell, bomb, grenade and thing-a-ma-jigger that goes bang, are all used interchangeably. It could just as easily have been from either war and a chemical munition other than mustard.

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A bit like the regular incorrect use of shrapnel, rather than bomb  or shell fragments. Mind we did have  pudding in the business lunch room we dubbed called Shrapnel Pie.

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