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POW Ohrdruf and Internment at Murren


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I looking for any information about POWs and particular Ohrdruf and Murren internment.  My grandfather was in 2nd Battalion Suffolk.  Lance Corporal Arthur G Hall nbr 16078.  He rejoined The Suffolks in late 1914 and was sent to France in July 1915.  Previousily he had served in the 2nd Boar War.  At some point he was wounded in left hand and taken prison.  It could have been in action at the Hooge in September 1915 as there is a reference in the regimental diary of two men being missing.  What I am sure about is he reappeared in Murren internment camp Switzerland in December 1916 after being in Ohrduf POW camp.  During internment his wife visited him at Murren. More details about these visits by wives can be found in this article:http://www.rapportband.co.uk/williamevans/Arthur_George_Hall/Images/WessexWFANewsletter.pdf


He was eventually discharged in 1919,   See family website http://www.rapportband.co.uk/williamevans/Arthur_George_Hall/WW1_Suffolk.xhtml


I can find no records for his time in Ohrdurf just a mention on a Red Cross card.  Are there any records for Ohrdruf?

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