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I was researching into Beaumont-Hamel and Hawthorn Ridge the other day (I am relatively new to this) and I was wondering if anyone has a breakdown of the unknowns within the cemeteries. In Beaumont-Hamel there are 82 Unknowns and in Hawthorn Ridge No.1 there are 71 Unknowns. Is there a way of working out how many of these are completely unknown and how many have regiments attached without going over there myself as I unfortunately can't justify a trip entirely for counting two cemeteries.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in Advance.




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without going myself, (not planning for another month), https://www.cwgc.org/find/find-cemeteries-and-memorials/results?name=hawthorn%2Bridge says 153 burials with 82 identified. and 

Beaumont Hamel has https://www.cwgc.org/find/find-cemeteries-and-memorials/results?name=beaumont%2Bhamel  181 burials and 97 identified.


just taking a few looks at grave registration reports they just seem to be marked as unnamed British soldiers although I did find a few on the two pages under


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Jack:  @Jarry17


We were all new to this at some point, so jump in and enjoy the experience.


For many of the cemeteries, but certainly not all, I have collected the CWGC records and put them in ZIP files so they can be downloaded by anyone for their research.


They are here: F7 C2 CWGC Binders


Initially I made PDF booklets and then I switched to ZIP files so you can see the document numbers and copy individual pages, etc. They are all in that folder:

New Zipped Files - Faster!


I have done Beaumont-Hamel British Cemetery but to date I have only seen GRRF documents, no COG-BR. I will go have another look this morning. I must have done some research on that related to another topic on the GWF as I have a spreadsheet in that folder as well.


For Hawthorne Ridge, it appears I have done No. 2 but not No. 1. I will go do that this morning and upload the documents.


I always note that if anyone wants a particular cemetery "done" just ask and I will do it, or if they find missing documents, please let me know. Initially it was "all Canadian" but as time has passed we have started to research all commonwealth cases. There is an extensive "international team" so you can get help from almost any country in short notice.





Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No. 1 Auchonvillers

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Hi Richard, @laughton

 you’re amazing thank you I’ll get on it tomorrow, I have actually downloaded all the forms (GRF) for Hawthorn number 1 and Knightsbridge cemetery, Knightsbridge however appears to have one row missing as there are 8 graves unaccounted for. I am more than happy to send you these if they would help your effort.


hope this helps


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